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About Us

Seasons for Growth relates emotions to the ‘metaphor’ of the four seasons of the year as this helps
identify feelings and experiences. This peer support programme gives young people an opportunity to
share their stories with other young people who have also experienced life changes related to loss.
It is highly successful and independently evaluated focusing on issues such as self-esteem, managing
feelings, problem-solving, decision-making, effective communication, and reducing isolation through
peer support. 
Each cycle runs for eleven weeks during which the children learn coping skills, modify behaviors, and
take charge of attitude and self-direction. Through this process, they complete a journal that is theirs
to keep. Each weekly session lasts for approximately 1 hour and takes place in the child’s school, at
predetermined dates and times.

We train graduates from the UWI in the delivery of the programme so that they in turn continue to
make use of their degree whilst helping to strengthen the children who were previously unable, or
reluctant, to express themselves without displaying frustration, anger or negative responses
associated with the process of grief and loss. We work with them so that they are then able to focus
on helping themselves through their recovery whilst making healthy choices, appreciate
consequences, manage their own wellbeing with renewed confidence, and prevent negative
behaviour, and poor choices.

Clubs, sporting activities, drama, outreach, and singing are some of the sources of focus that we
suggest and encourage children to take part in and continue after the programme has ended as this
serves to strengthen relationships and broaden skills.

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